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I like to buy big piles of stuff.  Generally when you are buying things the seller would just as soon unload everything and be done with it.  So, you can often negotiate a pretty decent price on things.  Then the fun begins… trying to figure what you have and going through and sorting and organizing.  I must admit I am better at the buying and research.  I love the look up and have learned an enormous amount about history and trends in the process.  I have more wonder and awe about a 2 centime coin from Belgium from 1862 that is worn from use in the economy that a coin that is still brand new from the same time period. Clearly, the new one has more value to collectors but if each coin told its’ story the piece that functioned may have been owned by hundreds of people and was involved in thousands of transactions.

Because I like to do it that way, I often find myself drowning in more stuff than I can keep organized so I have decided to just package them up in bunches, put a good price on them, and share the fun. So,this section will probably be like Costco-usually some of the deals are always there.  But sometimes they aren’t or many appear once never to be offered again. My intent is to make this fun and pass on values so you never know what be there on a given week.


Buffalo Nickels

10 Different Buffalo Nickels

Issued in 1913 through 1938..but not every year–there were no Buffaloes minted in 1922, 1932, 1933..minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco, none of these producers had an issue in every year that the coins were produced-representing a fair amount of value for the time, the coins were a workhorse in the economy and were left long idle during the cash-strapped era of the Great Depression..the dates are especially susceptible to wear..G or better $17.00

11.00 - 10 Different Buffalo Nickels


Indian Head Cents

10 Different Indian Head Cents

1859-1909..G or better $13.00

13.00 - 10 Different Indian Head Cents


Wheat Cents

Rolls of 50 Different Wheat Cents

It costs the mint more than a cent apiece to produce the current 95% zinc cents. The 95% copper cents minted up to 1981 and partially in 1982 when the transition was made have 2¾ cents in copper. See coinflation.com for the metal value at today’s CU price. Cents are going to be discontinued.. and melted… The wheaties already have a premium and I think that they will grow in value as time passes. As it is, the wheat cents have kept up with inflation.  Shipping is included in the price and each roll will have 50 different date/mint mark combinations. 500 coins – $8.95 shipping included.

44.95 - 10 rolls of 50 Different Wheat Cents


Silver Cert.

Savory Silver Certificates

Redeemable for silver coins up until 1968 which are worth 25x times face value at today’s price for the metal if one had done so. These collectables are a reminder of more prudent past. 13 certificates… includes a 1935, 1935D, and 2 1935Es all in decent grade $25

25.00 - Savory Silver Certificates


$2 Bills

Deuces Wild

$2 bills. 29 red seals all of the 1953 series. 2 are XF or better. Plus 2 !976 green seals with stamps, and date stamped, from the first day of issues..$89

89.00 - Deuces Wild


200 Baseball Cards

200 Baseball Cards

Should be all different. through in a few extra – bought a massive collection. Different years, series…have a zillion of these. 200 will ship in the smallest postal box so the deals is for $11

11.00 - 200 Baseball Cards


Currency SA & Jamiaca

South America and Jamaica

Collection of high-grade (nearly all CU) from South America and Jamaica. Dates from 1950 to 1983. Pretty notes and show grow in value with the increasing prosperity of those countries. $20.75 catalog value for $15

17.00 - Collection - SA & Jam

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