How to Use this Site

Originally, when I sent this site up it was to be a blog to host regular articles and postings, which it did, combined with a store to make coins, currency and tokens available, with a shopping cart.

In short order, I discovered that if I posted an article, with graphics, the site served its’ purpose and the articles could be categorized by subject matter. All good there.

The items for sale, and I have thousands, were also listed as articles, so if I were to list 10 Lincoln cents, I would have 10 articles listed  under the category Lincoln Cent but would require the viewer to open and close 10 articles to view the coins. I probably have 200 or more different Lincolns (each grade of each year and each mint is a picture and an article posted). Now multiply that times dozens of coin types for 150 countries and we have 20,000 articles before we get to currency and tokens. Unworkable. So I set up a store on GoDaddy.

There are still lots of categories and lots of items in the store but you can view 12 per page, and we can have many pages in a category so can look at many coins of a type quickly. The site allows pictures as well, a description and a shopping cart. So clinking this link will take you to the store. Sorry for the inconvenience but I think you will enjoy browsing there.

The drawback with the store is that entries go in chronologically so when I add an 1857 coin, it goes to the last entry and I can’t put in front of the 1887. The items, although grouped (Washington Quarters for example) are not in consecutive order.

I am still placing some things in this shopping cart on this site, there is room for commentary on any of the articles, and you can sign up for our email service when new articles are posted. Suggestions are welcome.