Rare Wisconsin Scrip from the Mover Capital of the World


An extraordinarily rare piece from a Medford merchant scrip issued in 1862. Unlisted in Chester Krause’s Wisconsin Obsoletes Book, with no Google search responses, the note is possibly unique. Price on Request.

Medford, a small town of about 2000 hardy souls,  just northwest of Wausau, in Central Wisconsin, has been the source of more long-distance, household goods Owner-Operators, per capita, than any location. Drivers would take on youngsters, often still in high school, have them as truck helpers on trips, teach them every aspect of the skills needed and the business acumen essential to success and help finance a truck when they met the age and safety requirements.

This pipeline created generations of skilled movers for Graebel Van Lines and Suddath United’s Minneapolis and Milwaukee operations.

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