Lively Tampa Bay Coin Club Meeting

Carmen and I made our visit (and became members) of the Tampa Bay Coin Club. This club, like the Central Coin Club in Orlando, was established in 1955 and continues to thrive.

Mark Trout gave an excellent presentation on significant battles in world history that came to be reflected in commemorative coinage issued by the island nation of Tuvalu…in the south Pacific, this the world’s 4th smallest nations composed of an archipelago in the renowned beauty for which the area is known. Mark prepared a history and synopsis with slides, photographs and textual information providing historical background and context to the events and their impact on history from the results. After providing all this, Mark had pictures and information on each of the coins commemorating the events.

The battles chosen were Thermopylae (and the 300 Spartans), Canae (Hannibal’s elephants), Hastings (the Norman Invasion of England in 1066), Balaklava (immortalized by Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade) and Gettysburg. The presentation was a product of insight, depth and detail and computer graphic skills.

The presentation was followed by a very active auctions with spirited bidding for the variety and diversity represented in the 80 lots up for sale. Ranging the gamut from Silver Eagles to Alabama State Notes from the 1860s, numismatic items representing a spectrum appealing to many found active buyers. Shown are the site of the battle and the coin issued. I am looking forward to be an active participant going forward.


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