Getting Started in Coin Collecting -Burton Hobson 1961, 1970

Written in the heart of a major coin collecting boom, this 123 page book provides an excellent outline of collecting methods, processes and topics of interest. Nicely illustrated , with brief descriptions of different aspects, Mr. Hobson did a wonderful job of the introducing the many facts of both coin and currency collecting, for the United States, the world and our ancient numismatic heritage.

Hopefully you can expand the table of contents, or use a visual aid, to explore the subject matter commented on in this early introduction to the hobby. From 1957-1965, the hobby virtually exploded in popularity and the prices of the collectibles and in fits and starts has seen major cycles in interest and values during the subsequent 50-60n years.

I belong to a number of active coin clubs in Florida. One of the things that I have found intriguing is the number of seniors active in their life-long hobby-sharing their  knowledge, wisdom and information, coupled with published information makes dynamic growth possible for new entrants. The other thing that is surprising is the number of seniors entering the hobby, at this stage of their careers where they have life experience, some financial resources and time to provide a foundation for grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

The world-wide trend toward a cashless society could be a catalyst for a world-wide boom in numismatic assets of all kinds.  



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