FUN Wrap Up

Saturday show concluded at 3PM after three long days…attendance was good again-Saturday had a family flair as dozens of Cub/Boy Scouts and Brownie/Girl Scouts were at the show working on their merit badges…each had a sheet of questions and were required to seek out specific tables to be asked numismatic questions…the table next us was the designated site to ask “what silver dollar was minted between 1878 and 1904”. They had at least 30 kids visit their table.

Sales volumes were slower on Saturday-the dealers were not doing cartwheels the revenue levels but were overall satisfied with sales results. One very telling comment from a major wholesaler was “I blame myself for sales not being better-I really needed to be staffed with an additional person and if I had done so I would have done another $25,000¬† easily”. No one seemed to be sure if the precious metals¬† smash for the week had much of an impact on rare coin and currency activity.

Good show overall – Dealers looking forward to ANA in Denver and the Georgia show in Dalton to climax the major shows for the summer. l



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