Day 1 fun at FUN Show

The Summer FUN show (Florida United Numismatists) kicked off the 3 day show on Thursday, July 6th with nice attendance, active collector-buyers and dealer-to-dealer activity. Collectors get the opportunity to  view the showings of a nationwide dealer base and many spectacular coins and series, great exhibits and specific presentations by experts on their subject matter.

I have the good fortune to be assisting Red Book contributor and Grey Sheet pricing advisor, Rich Uhrich at his table for this show. Rich is an expert on Bust and Seated Coinage and has a deep and beautiful inventory on hand. We are at Table 523 and really enjoy the dialogue with attendees who share a few minutes with us. Rich is also an expert on Varieties which are growing in interest and status.

Active day yesterday for us-lots of bust/seated coins now residing the collectors cabinets and dealer inventory. A full set of high grade Proof Franklins, First Lady Gold Commems, silver coins with a numismatic edge, and dozens of other coins found new homes.

Particularly valuable to me has been the opportunity to listen to the dialogue and discussion of particular coins and series by Rich and his expert dealer colleagues. A deep conversation Rich had with Brian Raines on varieties was especially notable.

Stop by and see us today and tomorrow… This picture is from the Winter Fun Show-security issues don’t let us post current events.



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