3rd Coin Club Meeting this week. Central Florida CC in Orlando

Severed rainstorms limited attendance to about 45 in the first of two bi-weekly meetings for July. The next meeting will be July 26th and feature Mark Trout and his major military events commemorated in coinage written up the Tampa Bay coin club update. I am eager to see it a second time.

A nice auction, with an excellent auctioneer went through the 28 lot offering fairly quickly. I had 4 of the lots that sold….an NGC MS66 1954S Roosevelt dime, an IGC graded MS66 steel cent, a 25 Peso coin issued in silver to celebrate the Mexico City Olympics in 1968 and a small collection of MS66 Red cents from 1955, 1958D (Denver mint), a 1960D Large Date and a 1971D which were an eye appealing combination of wheats and memorials. I am looking forward to putting together a nice array for the next meeting.

Busy week with 3 meetings, on line auctions and preparing for upcoming shows. 

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